What is Insurance Counselling?

Insurance Counselling is to protect yourself, your family and loved ones, your home, your assets, or your business against unexpected events. The idea behind insurance is to get a group to contribute financially to a fund specifically designed to help individuals recover in the case of an unexpected loss. In this way, insurance eases financial burdens that can occur when disaster strikes.

Purposes of Insurance Counselling?

Insurance Counselling is a critical component of a comprehensive financial plan that includes evaluating risks and determining the proper insurance coverage to mitigate those risks. The principal goal of Insurance Counselling is to identify and analyze risk factors in life and seek proper coverage to attain a peace of mind if disaster strikes. The chances of recovering partly or fully are assured by having insurance. Therefore, insurance is an economic device transferring risk from an individual to a company and reducing the uncertainty of risk via pooling.

Appropriate plans for YOU?

Carrying insurance is crucial, but the most important aspect is carrying the appropriate type of insurance. Each person has different insurance needs tied to his/her unique situation, age, health, family structure, economic status, possessions, assets, and many other factors. There are several forms of insurance and there is no "one size fits all". (This is why we need the Insurance Counselling!) Also, any major change in life requires an immediate review of Insurance Counselling to make sure the protection remains adequate.s


Preparing Yourself for always healthy and wealthy.

The future of our country's health care system is uncertain, but the clear path to a healthy and full retirement requires considering what you might need in the years to come and approaching health care insurance with that uncertainty in mind. Use these three strategies to create a thorough plan:

We Do your health research.

Know your risks - and make sure they're covered.

Prepare for the worst.

Health Insurance:

In the Present Economic Scenerio, Medical Care has become an expensive affair today. Instant catering to huge hospital bills may not be probable for everyone. Severe Health Problems like cancer, cardiac problems, severe joint problems, Kindney, etc. becoming common, it has become difficult for the common man to bear the expenses at ease.

As per a survey, less than 10% of the population of India has the ability to pay Rs. 5 lakh or less in case of a surgical emergency.

How to Choose a Proper Health Insurance Coverage?

  Should be planned as per your age factor.

  Prior & Family Health History.

  Should have a minimum Sum ASsured coverage per individual.

  Ease of Claim Settlement.

  Network Coverage.

In the present scenerio many take only 2 or 3 lakhs Sum Assured for the entire family, but as days pass and once any small claim is made, you might not be able to enhance your Sum Assured and then on your Financial problem due to medical issues starts.,

We guide you to choose your Proper Medical Insurance Plan and also review your Health Coverages Periodically.

Protect yourself and your family with the best health insurance plans.

  Value for Money hospitalization insurance for 1st time buyers

  No Pre Policy Medical Check – Up*

  Lifelong Renewability – Guaranteed*

  Cashless & Hassle-free direct claim settlement at 4900+ leading hospitals in India*

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