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What is Mutual Funds?

A mutual fund is a financial tool made up of a pool of money collected from different investors to invest in securities like stocks, bonds, etc. Mutual funds are divided into several kinds of categories, representing the kinds of securities they invest in, their investment objectives, and the type of returns they seek.

Mutual funds are handled by professional portfolio managers, who allocate the funds and manage them carefully to create wealth for the fund’s investors in order to satisfy the investment objectives. The Securities Exchange Board of India regulates the mutual fund market in India to ensure responsible and transparent management of the investor’s wealth.

Types of Mutual Funds

Equity Funds:-

Investment is in 100% equity instruments like shares of Indian Bluechip Companies in different categories of funds. Investors with long term view with wealth creation and high risk appetite should consider this investments. Here are the categories of schemes under equity funds:

  • Large Cap Fund
  • Mid Cap Fund
  • Small Cap Fund
  • Multi Cap Fund
  • Large & Mid cap Fund
  • Focused Funds
  • Index Funds
  • Arbitrage Funds

Debt or Income Funds:-

Debt is basically an interest based instrument, low volatile in nature, available for different time period. Basically there are different debt products which can be substitute to our current banking needs like Current A/c, Savings a/c, RD, and Bank FD. Returns are more tax efficient than other fixed rate instruments. There are various types of debt instruments are available as per ones need from 7 days to 7 years.

Following are the basic criteria for debt funds. Investors with low risk appetite and looking for alternate to Banking needs can go for this.

  • 3 – 6 months – Ultra Short Term Funds
  • 6 -12 months – Low Duration Fund
  • 1 – 3 years – Short Duration Fund
  • 4 – 7 Years – Medium to Long Duration Fund

Hybrid Funds:-

Hybrid funds are basically mixture of Equity & Debt, comparatively low volatile then equity funds. These are the products for moderate risk investor with less volatility and medium term investment horizon.

Following different types of funds are available under these categories with equity as well as debt taxation

  • Hybrid Equity - Balanced Funds
  • Hybrid Debt funds
  • Balanced Advantage funds

Liquid Funds:-
  • Up to 1 Day – Overnight Fund
  • 1 - 3 months – Liquid Fund

Index Funds:-

Invests only on Index.

International Funds:-

We provide facility and guidance to invest in topmost companies of the world like Microsoft, Google, Apple, Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway to name a few, and want to create wealth with the international portfolio with Indian currency.

Investors particularly HNIs and individuals who have large exposure in Indian equities and want to diversify their portfolio can think of this option.

Benefits of Mutual Funds

  • Variety of Investment Options
  • Diversifying Risk
  • Transparency
  • Easy investment process
  • Low Cost
  • Liquidity
  • Professional Financial Experts